3 Best Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet To Read Now

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and leave all the terrible ingredients such as fat- free butter, you should consider making use of a clean eating cookbook. The clean book is a collection of books that will help you know about the different unique recipes which can improve your overall well-being. The types of recipes found on the clean eating cookbooks are usually junk free and therefore will assist you to avoid incorporating unnecessary calories in your body.

This post will discuss the top three best clean eating cookbooks you should consider and also give you tips that can help you choose the best clean eating cookbook that will perfectly suit your nutritional needs.


3 Best Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet

Superfood Smoothies:

This cookbook has got more than 100 recipes which are not only delicious but also energizing. The main ingredient used to make the different recipes in this cookbook is smoothies. Research has proved that people should always incorporate a smoothie diet in their dietary plan since it can help them stay away from the sugar syrups. Visit Flat Belly Diets: best diet to lose stomach fat to learn about different techniques you can implement to lose belly fat.

Sipping a smoothie after carrying out a particular workout is often considered the best time to consume this kind of diet. The other ingredients commonly used to make recipes in this cookbook include; minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Clean Eats:

This type of clean eating cookbook has got more than 200 delicious recipes that improve a person’s rate of metabolism thereby making him/ her shed extra pounds of flesh and stay healthy. Written by Dr. Alejandro Junger who is a cardiologist by profession, this cookbook starts by introducing the importance of clean eating.

The recipes offered in this cookbook will make you experience both exterior and interior health benefits; whether you’re suffering from any digestive problem, anxiety or depression.

Vegan Under Pressure:

This cookbook provides different vegan recipes that are easy to prepare and cook in a pressure cooker. Courtesy of this cookbook, you can know how to quickly make different delicious vegetarian recipes such as harissa- glazed carrots, veggie burgers, white bean dip among others. However, not all clean eating cookbooks available in the market will perfectly sort your health issues. For this reason be sure about the cookbook you want to use so that you can experience whatever you wish to achieve within a short period.

Tips on How to Find Clean Eating Cookbook that is Appropriate for your Body

Tip# 1: Reference from Professional Medics:

Professional medics who’re informed about the different types of foods and their effects on the body can assist you in choosing the various cookbooks appropriate for your body. These experts can help you to figure out the food types you’re not supposed to incorporate in your diet based on the expectations you wish to experience courtesy of the cookbooks.

Tip#2: Researching Online About Clean Eating Cookbooks:

The internet can assist you to know more about the different cookbooks, the recipes they’ve got and therefore enable you to make an informed decision about the cookbook to buy.

Last but not least, once you begin using a clean eating cookbook but what you intended to gain from it is not visible at all; consider seeking the advice of a doctor so that you can be advised appropriately about that particular clean eating cookbook. Thank you.

Top 5 Must-Read Books for Marathon Runners

run-marathonsMarathon running is defined as running 26 miles and 385 yards – a distance which originated in Greek mythology when the messenger Philippines ran this distance to Athens from the Battle of Marathon. It is an original Olympic event, but throughout the world, hundreds of marathons are run for various reasons, with many people participating recreationally instead of as a professional athlete. To many of us, this pastime seems like unnecessary torment, but today, over 500,000 people finish marathons per year. The average finishing time for a marathon is anywhere between four and a half hours to just over five hours.

Because of the increasing popularity of the sport, many books have come out about marathon running, some including the personal experiences of marathon runners and some including general information and tips for marathon running. However, among the many thousands of books, there are a few best-sellers and books that have stood the test of time. Here is a list of some of the must-read books for marathon runners. If you are looking for a comprehensive course and you are a beginner, we suggest buying visiting how to train for a marathon – marathon training program for beginners. They have useful resources for you to get started on the right track.

Must-Read Books for Marathon Runners

1. Marathon, and The Ultimate-Training Guide: The Advice, the Plans, and the Programs for Half and the Full Marathons by Hal Higdon

Hal Higdon is the longest contributor for the magazine Runner’s World (since 1966) and is the author of 34 books, including this best-selling book on marathon running. The book contains tips and training regiments for aspiring marathon runners and includes training programs for those who want to participate in half marathons as well. Since Higdon himself was a runner, his book has remained popular since 1993 and is great for both beginners and experienced runners who want to up their game.

2. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Centered on the ability of the Tarahumara Indians to run hundreds of miles barefoot without getting hurt, Christopher McDougall’s book is the story of how he set out to learn how they do it. After being injured several times himself, McDougall adopts the running form of the tribe to overcome injury. The book explores how cushioned running shoes can contribute to the rate of injury among runners, and ultimately advocates for barefoot running, but more than anything else, it is an inspirational tale of overcoming an obstacle to pursuing the sport.

3. Marathon Man: My 26.2 Mile Journey from Unknown Grad Student to the Top of the Running World by Bill Rodgers and Matthew Shepatin

Based on the story of famous marathon runner Bill Rodgers, Marathon Man is a must-read book for all athletes. Bill Rodgers won the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon four times and broke American records with his day for finishing a marathon (two hours and nine minutes). Recounting his life story, the book is a great inspiration for runners everywhere, and Rodgers himself has had a tremendous impact on the growing popularity of marathons in the United States.

4. Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Woman’s Sports by Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer was the first female runner to run in the Boston Marathon in 1967, a race which had previously been all-male. She finished the marathon as entry 261, but it wasn’t until 1972 that women were officially allowed to register. Detailing the events leading up to her culture-shaking finish in 1967 and her life after, Marathon Woman is an excellent account of an inspiring woman’s life. The book won the Billie Award for Journalism in 2008 and is a must-read for all runners struggling to overcome obstacles for their dream, but especially for women marathon runners.

5. The Runner’s World Cookbook: 150 Ultimate Recipes for Fueling Up and Slimming Down —While Enjoying Every Bite by Joanna Sayago Golub and Deena Kastor

Containing 150 collected recipes from Runner’s World magazine and more, The Runner’s World Cookbook is a great resource for runners looking for delicious ways to add all the nutrients they need to their diet. The book is divided into types of the recipe, and each recipe is classified in a category of “need” – like quick and easy, or low recovery. With designations for diets like vegetarian or vegan and an entire guide to ingredients, it is a must-have for runners.

While there are many other books about running on the market – inspirational and motivational stories, various cookbooks for getting all the nutrients you need, and autobiographical accounts from famous runners – these five are great additions to any library of marathon running material.


8 Most Popular Fitness How-To eBooks For Women in 2016

Find out if your favorite fitness books made a list. Based on our surveys at BooksToBeRed, we ranked the top 10 most popular books in the women’s fitness industry.

To be sure, this is a list of trendy books, not fads. Fads tend to blow up quickly but those don’t typically last. In this list, we’re talking about classic, fundamental workout books that readers enjoy for years to come.

  1. You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises by Mark Lauren – What we like about the author is that he has a military experience making the book a credible source workout plans. The 10-week workout programs are challenging and efficient. It also has an excellent reference with 100+ body weight exercises sectioned by types: push, pull, legs, and core. Of course, a good workout can’t be complete without health diets. Mark also talks about diet theories and give suggestions that are easy to follow. However, the main emphasis of this book is mostly on exercises.
  1. Strength Training Anatomy by Frédéric Delavier – The book is undeniably the best book of its kind with over 450,000 copies sold. The book helps everyone from beginners to professional bodybuilders by helping readers figure out what exercises work for what muscles. The knowledge is divided into different body parts: arms, shoulders, legs, chest, etc. making it easy for practitioners to target their areas of improvement. It’s best for women who has stubborn fat in hard-to-get-rid-off areas like tummy, arms, or thighs. What we love most about this book is the science behind the suggested routines explained in detailed pictures of various exercises and muscles involved.
  1. 13594266Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett – We are impressed with how the book is laid out and how easy to read it is (despite the 400 pages long!). The book talks about self-care practices on every single body parts: knees, neck, foot and everything in between. It’s highly recommended for anyone who wants to live longer, pain-free and happier. We picked up this book because our medical student customer recommended it. If you want to understand your body, you’ll enjoy this book.
  1. The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler – No, lifting is not only for men. Lou did a great job presenting a comprehensive strength, conditioning as well as nutrition plan in this book. Most women are concerned about lifting and look bulky if they lift heavy weights. Lou busted the myth (it’s tough enough for men to build muscles even with their natural hormones). This book will change your way of looking at lifting and the overall fitness styles for women. The book is right on the money!
  1. Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe – Strength training is not new, and barbell training surely isn’t new either. But in this how-to book, Mark offers an easy to follow through routines right off the bat. He spends time discussing the details of basic barbell exercises; each chapter is devoted to each movement such as a squat, bench press, etc. You will learn a lot of overlooked but important details in exercises. We believe that everyone should get the fundamentals right and this is what you’ll get from this book. Plus, this book is filled with pictures and diagrams, making it super easy to understand.
  1. 2195464What I Talk About When I talk About Running by Haruki Murakami – Our customers love this book because it’s not just about exercises. The author creatively gives us insights on running and the meaning of life. It’s guaranteed to be one of the classic books that you’ll enjoy reading time and time again. Why? Because it’s motivating. If you like creative work and feel like you need a different perspective to get yourself up and get the discipline necessary to create the dream body, this book is for you. Get your copy on Amazon.
  1. 3 Steps to Skinny Legs by Rachael Attard – Rachael is the emerging leader in the training and nutrition niche from Australia. Our friends love 3 Steps to Skinny Legs (and her blog) because she pays immaculate attention to your individual body types. Different body types respond differently to diets as well as exercises. She teaches a combination of cardio (which is necessary for losing leg fat), resistance training and nutrition. What we love most is the testimonials from OUR friends telling us how effective her course is. If you’re one of those women who struggles to lose the stubborn fat in your lower body, this book might just be your answer. Seriously, her training is the best how to get skinny legs – 3 Steps to Skinny Legs ebook pdf we’ve read.
  1. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto – Most people refers to this book as the bible for “fat loss” and we must say it’s true. The book is very thorough in every aspect of training, from mindset, nutrition, cardio to weight training. Tom made it simple to understand and his recommendations are doable for men and women of different ages (or even different sizes). Follow his directions very carefully and your body will transform. In fact, our friend became a personal trainer because of this book. That alone should say something about this book, right? We think so. Grab a copy today.

Think we missed any health and fitness books that you like? Chime in with your favorite books (or ebooks) below!

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